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Five ways to spread holiday cheer, not germs

Five ways to spread holiday cheer, not germs

Brooke Martin

December 14, 2018

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s; these holidays are here but so are sicknesss.Winter is a great season for romance. It’s filled with matching ugly Christmas sweaters, the sexy New Year’s Eve kiss and much more. What’s not so hot though, is the flu.The flu is a very co...

Flu risk minimal for healthy, young adults

Flu risk minimal for healthy, young adults

Michael Mcclurg

February 23, 2015

February is the heart of flu season, but Chico State students tend not to place much emphasis on getting the annual shot promoted by health care agencies and providers. Although getting the shot is an important precaution, and the vaccination can lower chances of contracting influenza, the risk is ...

Cardio ‘Cat: Training through illness

Risa Johnson

December 1, 2013

It’s that time of year again, when the voices of professors are drowned out by our coughs, sniffles and sneezes. We try our best to make it to school, but where should we draw the line between working out and staying home? To each their own, but I don’t like missing consecutive days of the...

Cases of chickenpox reported at Whitney Hall

Mozes Zarate

November 20, 2013

Two Whitney Hall residents have been diagnosed with chickenpox, according to an email sent to university housing residents.One of the students was relocated to “off-campus accommodations,” while the other will be heading home for recovery, according to the announcement.“Chickenpox is highly contagious and the best preventative m...

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