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A Tuba to Cuba brings a sax to Laxson

Trombone player Rohnell Johnson performing alongside trumpet player, Branden Lewis Photo credit: Melissa Joseph

Melissa Joseph

November 20, 2019

With little to no words spoken, a New Orleans jazz band delivered a stunning set Wednesday night. The band started the night off with songs that created a colorful and lively atmosphere encapsulating Chico State with Cuban culture.Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s studio album “A Tuba to Cuba&#...

Winner of music competition showcased at Madison Bear Garden

Passionate artists put their souls on the table with  every performance. Photo credit: Daelin Wofford

Alex Coba

October 7, 2018

It was live music galore at Madison Bear Garden Thursday, as the popular Chico hotspot hosted the School of Arts Productions (SOTA): Chico Unplugged in the final Winners Showcase. Chico Unplugged is an event held every semester for three consecutive Thursdays. The previous two Thursdays were competition...

Jazz Jam entertains listeners, invites all musicians

Joshua Hegg, Ethan Swet, and Madison Carlisle DeSantis preform original pieces at the 3rd Monday Jazz Jam at Naked Lounge, September 17 2018. Photo credit: Tara Killoran

Alex Coba

September 18, 2018

It was a night of jazz-filled goodness as Naked Lounge hosted the first anniversary of its 3rd Monday Jazz Jam. Locals enjoyed original music and popular covers as a variety of artists got to perform. The event was put on by the non-profit arts organization Uncle Dad’s Art Collective, which aims...

Smokey the Groove presents the party challenge

Smokey the Groove bandmates combine rock and funk with some jazz tunes. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Nicole Henson

April 18, 2018

“If we were a TV show we would be Sesame Street but if Sesame Street met the band from the Muppets," explains the talented group of goofballs who make up Smokey the Groove.The group reminisced over burgers about how their band met, the group dynamic and revealed a proposition that they have for ...

New Orleans-based band to bring funk to Chico

Big Sam on stage at a festival, getting lost in the music. Photo courtesy of Any Goetz

Matthew Manfredi

March 17, 2016

Let there be funk.If you have any plans this Saturday — cancel them. Extravagant dinner party with friends? Reschedule. Bae’s birthday bash? There’s always next year … probably. Netflix and chill? I hope you’re joking. This weekend don’t miss the chance to avoid th...

Live movie score guarantees to wow at Laxson

Matthew Manfredi

February 27, 2016

There is very little dialogue featured in the 2003 French film “The Triplets Of Belleville.” The animated characters communicate through eye contact, charming mannerisms and powerfully crafted pantomime. Meanwhile, the emotion of these characters — the sheer romanticism of the entire film — i...

Coldplay’s new album parachutes into the unfamiliar

Album art for

December 16, 2015

"A Head Full of Dreams" is a great album capable of captivating many audiences. Coldplay shows their ability to step into elements of genres such as world music, soul, electronic and jazz while still maintaining the underlying alternative rock sound that they have always been known for.Even though their debut a...

Bogg gives jazz tribute to Black Sabbath

Jazz group Bogg, made up of Michael Bones on drums, Gavin Fitzgerald on bass and Josh Hegg on the keyboard, performed for customers at Cafe Coda on Friday morning. Photo credit: John Domogma

Chelsea Gallegos

November 16, 2015

Bogg, a modern jazz ensemble with clear hip-hop, classic rock and other random influences, has weekly shows at Cafe Coda. Black Sabbath was the theme of this particular Friday morning show, which audience members loved. A lack of lyrics didn't deter young fans; in fact, the cafe was full to capacity with audience members standing outside to see th...

Orchestra to jazz up Laxson Auditorium

The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra emphasizes the brass section. Photo Courtesy of Chico Performances.

David Kahn

March 5, 2014

Chico Performances welcomes the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis at 7:30 p.m. March 12 in Laxson Auditorium. The orchestra was founded in 1988 and currently consists of 15 of the most talented jazz ensemble players and soloists of our day. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra serves as the resi...

Harlem Renaissance revived by rent party

Julie Atlas shows off her 1920s fashion at the Rent Party costume contest Thursday night.Photo credit: Shannon Miller

Ashiah Scharaga

February 28, 2014

The door reads "New York Times: Editor-In-Chief." When you cross the threshold, a luscious jazz melody that sounds both familiar and foreign fills your ears and the New York skyline catches your eye.Welcome to Chico State's ninth annual Harlem Renaissance Rent Party on the stage of Harlen Adams Theatre....

Vocal jazz quartet to groove at Laxson Auditorium

The Manhattan Transfer is set to play Laxson Auditorium on Feb. 26. Photo Courtesy of Chico Performances.

David Kahn

February 19, 2014

Chico Performances presents The Manhattan Transfer, a distinguished vocal quartet known for their impressive array of styles, including: jazz, pop, doo-wop, soul and "vocalese," a style incorporating instrumental jazz pieces that have been refreshed and given vocals.The album "Vocalese" gained a remarkable 12 Gram...

Local trio brings jazz to happy hour

Carey Robinson on the guitar, Komoki Bunting on the drums and Greg D'Augelli on the electric string bass performing at Cafe Flo.Photo credit: Frances Mansour

Emma Wood-Wright

February 18, 2014

A man waits for his tea at the counter inside Cafe Flo on a Monday night, his fingers dancing along with the beat.It's jazz happy hour with The Carey Robinson Trio. Although the audience may be small, the appreciation they have for jazz is huge. "Fifty percent of the audience are jazz DJs," said Steve Scarborough, a jazz disc jocke...

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