Bogg gives jazz tribute to Black Sabbath

Matt Weiner; violin, Michael Bones; drums; Gavin Fitzgerald; bass and Josh Hegg on the keyboard perform for customers at Cafe Coda on Friday morning. Photo credit: John Domogma

Bogg, a modern jazz ensemble with clear hip-hop, classic rock and other random influences, has weekly shows at Cafe Coda.

Black Sabbath was the theme of this particular Friday morning show, which audience members loved. A lack of lyrics didn’t deter young fans; in fact, the cafe was full to capacity with audience members standing outside to see the show.

The usual breakfast-eaters at the cafe were utterly unperturbed by the group, even lingering longer than usual to watch the entire hour and a half set.

“I usually eat and leave but the group is good so I stuck around,” said James Lowe, a Cafe Coda regular.

Bogg has been featured on more than 25 albums and won the “Best Jazz Act Chico” in both 2014 and 2015.

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