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Thumpasaurus brings the funk to Lost on Main

Thumpasaurus members in the green room of Lost on Main

Mitchell Kret

February 21, 2019

Lost on Main was flooded with psychedelic funk Tuesday night, hosting Thumpasaurus, an energetic band from L.A. making their third stop on their “Book of Thump” tour across the U.S. The show also featured Big Sticky Mess, who filled the venue with a funky ambiance that lasted through the night. The...

Six Halloween activities in the Chico area besides party

Painted pumpkins photo for

Niyat Teferi

October 24, 2017

Halloween is around the corner and everyone is gearing up to show off their spooky costumes and get into the festive season. Chico is known for its very notorious party reputation during this time of year, better known as “Chicoween.” Parties are thrown in every corner of town and friends fr...

The Kyle Gass Band shreds at Lost on Main.

Photo credit: Matthew Manfredi

Matthew Manfredi

December 8, 2016

The Kyle Gass Band lit up Lost on Main Tuesday night by bringing guitar solos and crushing acoustic chords together for a night of comedic rock 'n' roll. Gass, best known for his role in Tenacious D, the funny-man musical duo featuring acoustic counterpart Jack Black, returned to play a Chico once a...

Chico attempts to break Guinness record

One of many performers at the DownLo. Photo credit: Matthew Manfredi

Matthew Manfredi

April 9, 2016

For a weekday afternoon in downtown Chico, the DownLo is busy, loud and active with people of all ages. The thud of walking bass lines and the bluster of bluesy guitar leads echo over pool tables. As people listen and throw back pints, acoustic guitar cases lean against the bar, and chord progressions...

New Orleans-based band to bring funk to Chico

Big Sam on stage at a festival, getting lost in the music. Photo courtesy of Any Goetz

Matthew Manfredi

March 17, 2016

Let there be funk.If you have any plans this Saturday — cancel them. Extravagant dinner party with friends? Reschedule. Bae’s birthday bash? There’s always next year … probably. Netflix and chill? I hope you’re joking. This weekend don’t miss the chance to avoid th...

Aberrance members on crashing their van, new music and tour smells

Members of the band, Aberrance, (from left) Ed Vance, Jake Hollingsworth, David Hordienko, and Nick Rahming hang out with their retired tour van on Tuesday. Photo credit: Alicia Brogden

Tom Sundgren

September 12, 2015

So tell us overall how was the band's summer? How many shows did you guys play in total roughly? Jake Hollingsworth: It was ridiculous. We had a tour plan that fell through last minute and managed to put together another one the morning that we left to play in Fresno. We ended up playing 10 shows across the west coast over two weeks in ...

Coolio stirs up ’90s nostalgia but gives lackluster performance

Photo credit: George Johnston

Amanda Rhine

April 19, 2015

Lost On Main somehow managed to transform into a time machine and travel back to the '90s for a less-than-fantastic voyage on Friday night. People of all ages (from 21 and up) and backgrounds flocked to see Coolio perform his once monstrous hit songs. The results were both disappointing and rousing, creating a...

Moon Hooch shines at Lost

Photo by Roberta via Wikimedia Commons.

Lauren Smith

March 18, 2015

Dance music is often identified as lacking musical integrity. But Brooklyn-based house group Moon Hooch simultaneously impressed the audience and got its feet moving at Lost on Main on Sunday. The energetic and enthralling trio has garnered much success over the years because of its unique contribution...

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