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Off the Record: Friendships and lubricating in the bedroom

On this week's podcast, Racheal Bayuk, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin talk about two topics; friendships and using lubrication in the bedroom. Photo credit: The Orion

Karen Limones, Rayanne Painter, Brooke Martin, and Rachael Bayuk

September 25, 2018

This week, columnist Rachael Bayuk, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin hit on topics about friendships in and out of college and using lube in the bedroom.Rachael Bayuk, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter....

Slip ‘n’ slide safely around the bedroom

Photo courtesy of Getty Images by Ashley Armitage/Refinery29

Rayanne Painter

September 23, 2018

Sex shouldn’t hurt, of course, unless you want it to.There’s a notion that exists among the younger generation that sex should be perfect while we’re young. And that any sexual struggle that occurs before our 40s inherently means that our bodies are “abnormal” or someth...

Clear communication key to satisfying sexual encounters

Illustration by J.Q. Hammer

Sophia Xepoleas

January 26, 2015

There is nothing worse than lying in the missionary position and hoping that your partner will hurry up and finish. We’ve all been there and none of us want to go back. Essentially, sex is just a physical activity where body parts collide and interact, but the tough part is making your partner feel genuinely sex...

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