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Monstros Pizza satisfies taste buds, sense of adventure

The exterior of Monstros Pizza. Photo by Grant Schmieding.

Grant Schmieding

March 26, 2018

Utter confusion, vintage arcade machines, old black-and-white newsreels, random hours, cash only, dim lighting, old newspapers, no menu and reasonably good pizza. If that list sounds good to you, then take a ride down to 628 West Sacramento Ave. and check out Monstros Pizza. I would describe this...

When the sun goes down at Monstros Pizza

Vocalist of

Matthew Manfredi

September 8, 2016

Unlike downtown, Wednesday night is quiet on West Sacramento Avenue. There’s Tony’s Liquor, apartment buildings, houses and Nettleton Stadium sits quietly in the distance, but then there’s Monstros Pizza. Guitar amps are turned up, microphones feed back and hot slices of pizza slide across the counter...

Massive hardcore sound rattles Monstros Pizza

(From left) Bryan, bassist; Miles, guitarist and  Tommy, lead vocals with support from the 
drummer of Tri-Lateral Dirts Commission perform their most popular song,

Tom Sundgren

September 26, 2015

On Thursday night, more than 40 people came to enjoy drinks, interactions with fellow musicians and friends and moshing to the heavy sound of punk and other forms of extreme music. A side note though, ironically pizza was not available due to the oven not working accurately but is said to be fixed now.The...

Cammies: Punk Showcase

Lips of Renegade jam it out to fans on Saturday at Monstros Pizza during the 2015 Cammies Punk Showcase. Photo credit: Erin Vierra

Erin Vierra

April 16, 2015

There is no question that punk lives on in Chico. The 2015 Cammies Punk Showcase was the hit of the music festival as crowds of both young and old filled Monstros Pizza during the Saturday event. Twenty-four energetic bands poured their heart and soul into short sets to fans who were constantly demanding more.The ...

Q&A: West By Swan on name origin, juggling family and touring

Bassist Greg Hopkins, drummer Daniel Taylor and guitarist Dan Greenfield perform at the PRF West music festival in Oakland last year. Photo courtesy of Shannon Corr Photography.

Tom Sundgren

February 24, 2015

West By Swan will be coming forth with its experimental rock music at Monstros Pizza on March 20. Bassist Greg Hopkins discusses background influences, the dynamic of the band, where they have been and what is in store for them. What are some of your guys' artist or band influences? Greg: Well, we're older. So you know, a lot of Fugazi. D.C. bands....

Rock bands to host fierce show at Monstros

Teeph's current lineup, from left to right, is Sesar Sanchez, Alex Coffin and Matt Shilts. Photo courtesy of Teeph.

Jake Hutchison

September 3, 2014

Chico rockers have a reason to rejoice Sept. 10. Aggressively talented local band Teeph and Portland, Oregon's Gaytheist will play a loud, live show at Monstros Pizza with local debuting acts #whitegirlwasted and Los New Huevos. Teeph's guitarist and vocalist, Sesar Sanchez, said the show is based ar...

Monstros rock show features raw, powerful performances

The Sorority and its vocalist Cliff Greenwood stole the show with their energetic, intense performance Friday at Monstros Pizza. Photo credit: John Domogma

Jake Hutchison

August 30, 2014

Instrument cables and sneakers raked across the sawdust covered floor of Monstros Pizza Friday night as local bands West by Swan and Metronaut were accompanied by Oakland's The Sorority.The scent of pizza filled the air as drums and amplifiers were positioned before the increasingly energetic crowd. ...

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Monstros Pizza