Rock bands to host fierce show at Monstros

Teeph band pic
Teeph's current lineup, from left to right, is Sesar Sanchez, Alex Coffin and Matt Shilts. Photo courtesy of Teeph.

Chico rockers have a reason to rejoice Sept. 10. Aggressively talented local band Teeph and Portland, Oregon’s Gaytheist will play a loud, live show at Monstros Pizza with local debuting acts #whitegirlwasted and Los New Huevos.

Teeph’s guitarist and vocalist, Sesar Sanchez, said the show is based around Gaytheist coming to town.

“I saw them in Salt Lake City at this thing called Crucial Fest,” Sanchez said. “Everyone enjoyed them immensely, and we became friends.”

Gaytheist has released four albums: “Hold Me…But Not So Tight,” “STEALTH BEATS,” “Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide,” and “Pentagrams are Super!,” which can be listened to here.

Teeph, which has a sound influenced by sludge, grind and noise rock, has been going strong for about five years. It began as a two-piece band comprised of guitarist and vocalist Sesar Sanchez and drummer Alex Coffin.

“We’re a mix of heavy, noisy, just fastest music,” Sanchez said.

Local musician Gavin Fitzgerald, of jazz quartet Bogg and folk-rock band Aubrey Debauchery & the Broken Bones, originally signed on as the band’s bassist before pursuing other musical endeavors. Matt Shilts, a former entertainment editor of The Orion, eventually became the band’s bassist and co-vocalist.

Teeph’s latest EP “Solid Jobs” can be streamed here.

Debuting band #whitegirlwasted plays “satirical powerviolence, party-themed music that focuses on the ideals of being a college boy or sorority girl,” Sanchez said.

The band features members of Badger, Astronaut and Mom & Dad, while Los New Huevos, which will also make its debut, features members of Zabaleen, The NoGoodNix, Severance Package and The Pushers.

“Chico is a hotbed for young talent,” Sanchez said.

Concertgoers can expect Teeph to play a set of about 25 minutes, Sanchez added, “while everyone sings along.”


Concert Details

  • Date: Wednesday, Sept. 10
  • Time: 8 p.m.
  • Location: Monstros Pizza, 628 W. Sacramento Ave.
  • Price: $5


The show is sponsored by Chico Area Pyrate Punx, and all ages are welcome.

Jake Hutchison can be reached at [email protected] or @poserpunk on Twitter.