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Festival founder shares insights about Warped, Lollapalooza, Mayhem tours

Kevin Lyman, founder of Vans Warped Tour and Rockstar Mayhem Festival, visited Chico State students for a discussion on Thursday. After working in the festival circuit for decades, Lyman's favorite part of managing tours has been watching bands grow from small stage acts to headliners. Photo credit: Brandon Foster

Jake Hutchison

December 10, 2014

The first Warped Tour was a disaster. Tickets didn't sell, money was lost and founding Production Manager Kevin Lyman found himself frantically trying to pull together smaller shows to balance out profits. Concert connoisseur Lyman discussed his failures, comebacks and branding bands with Chico State stud...

Study Break: In This Moment’s ‘Black Widow’ album review

Photo by Luis Blanco via Wikimedia Commons

Jake Hutchison

November 24, 2014

In recent years, Maria Brink has clawed her way to the top of the mainstream rock charts using her fearless persona, deep vampiric voice and notably dark lyrics. And sure enough, she continues this crusade with "Black Widow," the fifth album of her band, In This Moment. Straight out of the door, In This...

Q&A: Professor on folk rock, Rihanna

Photo by Andrew Boyack, courtesy of Geoff Baker

Jake Hutchison

November 12, 2014

Chico State English professor Geoff Baker opened up to The Orion about balancing his acoustic and folk music career and planning tours alongside lesson plans.Is it difficult to plan a tour when you are also teaching?The job makes it very hard. I literally don't have time to play gigs right now. It's har...

Media mixer features local artists of all trades under one roof

Heather Bennett, owner of Candy Cougar Art, displaying her unconventional painting style during the monthly Mixed Media Mixer Review at the 1078 gallery. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Jake Hutchison

November 5, 2014

[metaslider id=37807] Photographs by Chelsea Jeffers. Sculptures, vinyl records and the mild smell of grape juice drew passing crowds of Chico residents and local artists into 1078 Gallery Sunday night. The Mixed Media Mixer, which just made its local debut, is a free event that will take place ...

Student pursues laughter throughout state

Yusef Swafford, senior computer engineering major, is a comedian, singer, sailor and former Naval technician. His next standup show is Nov. 15 at 1078 Gallery. Photo credit: Veronica Hodur

Jake Hutchison

October 31, 2014

From a young age, Yusef Swafford enjoyed creating laughter. "I've been doing it off and on for a while,” he said. “As a kid, I was always telling jokes.” When he got older, he became a standup comedian, finding stages for his art across the U.S. Most recently, he's made a home in Chico, where he is a senior computer...

Film festival will bring awareness, inspiring stories to Chico

Festival Director Mary Ann Weston and public relations interns and Chico State students Anne Stanley and James O'Hagan have helped organize the 10th annual FOCUS Film Festival, which celebrates diversity and awareness of disabilities through film. Photo credit: Nnamdi Johnson-Kanu

Jake Hutchison

October 22, 2014

At first, blind mountain bike racer Bobby McMullen was hesitant about being the subject of a documentary about his life. But once the film was complete, he was moved by the result. "I thought maybe I wasn't worthy of a film," he said. "(I am) in awe ... It was a privilege."This year's 10th annual FOCUS...

Local guitarist creates custom instruments, hopes to expand business

Evan Kelsay, 22, presents one of the unique pieces he's created at his workshop in Paradise. Kelsay is the owner and operator of Apocalypse Guitars, a custom-guitar building and repairing service. Photo credit: John Domogma

Jake Hutchison

October 19, 2014

While most students are recovering from an all-night homework marathon, 22-year-old Evan Kelsay starts his day at 6:30 a.m., sanding, cutting and repairing guitars. Sawdust clouds the air in his small workshop as he systematically completes each task, never losing his intent expression.Kelsay owns and o...

Experimental bands will bring progressive rock, dirty jokes to 1078 Gallery

Icarus The Owl is one of the alternative rock groups performing Sunday at 1078 Gallery. From left: Rob Bernknopf, Zach McLean, Joey Rubenstein and AJ Stacher. Photo by Sara Therese

Jake Hutchison

October 7, 2014

Progressive rock, headbanging and genitalia jokes. Hail The Sun, Icarus The Owl, Stolas and Surrounded By Giants' show 8 p.m. Sunday at 1078 Gallery will be far from boring.Joey Rubenstein, lead singer and guitarist of the Portland band Icarus The Owl, said the group likes to keep shows interesting and entertaining. "We are really ...

Local theater delivers raw, emotional performances in ‘The Outsiders’ adaptation

Blue Room Theatre's adaptation of

Jake Hutchison

September 25, 2014

Outcasts, freaks and misfits gained a voice through S. E. Hinton's classic novel first, then through Francis Ford Coppola's iconic film. Now the story of "The Outsiders" has evolved again, told through local director Frank Bedene's play. The play will close with 7:30 p.m. showings Sept. 25-27 at Blue...

Chico World Music Festival delivers stellar performances

Shoji Kameda throat sings, Masato Baba hits the taiko and Eien Hunter plays the drums in On Ensemble. The group entertained Chico residents at the 21st annual Chico World Music Festival. Photo credit: John Domogma

Jake Hutchison

September 14, 2014

[metaslider id=34584] Photographs courtesy of John Domogma Chico Performances' 21st annual Chico World Music Festival brought artists from across the globe together for one epic multicultural event. [View the story "Chico World Music Festival wows audiences " on Storify]     Fe...

Rock bands to host fierce show at Monstros

Teeph's current lineup, from left to right, is Sesar Sanchez, Alex Coffin and Matt Shilts. Photo courtesy of Teeph.

Jake Hutchison

September 3, 2014

Chico rockers have a reason to rejoice Sept. 10. Aggressively talented local band Teeph and Portland, Oregon's Gaytheist will play a loud, live show at Monstros Pizza with local debuting acts #whitegirlwasted and Los New Huevos. Teeph's guitarist and vocalist, Sesar Sanchez, said the show is based ar...

Monstros rock show features raw, powerful performances

The Sorority and its vocalist Cliff Greenwood stole the show with their energetic, intense performance Friday at Monstros Pizza. Photo credit: John Domogma

Jake Hutchison

August 30, 2014

Instrument cables and sneakers raked across the sawdust covered floor of Monstros Pizza Friday night as local bands West by Swan and Metronaut were accompanied by Oakland's The Sorority.The scent of pizza filled the air as drums and amplifiers were positioned before the increasingly energetic crowd. ...

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