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Community advocacy can create city changes

Community advocacy can create city changes

March 8, 2016

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Chico police rethink city ordinance and homeless resources

City council is thinking about expanding the Public Property Ordinance city wide Photo credit: Catalina Friz

Michelle Zhu

March 2, 2016

The Chico Police Department may be able to establish more trust and resources among the homeless community. The Chico City Council and the the Chico Police Department are considering installing a 24-hour downtown public restroom, as well as expanding the Offenses Against Public Property Ordinance.  With the number of deceased persons and crimes in the homeles...

Continuing local wet shelter helps transient, homeless community this winter

From left: Tina, Charles and Chiquita relax on their blankets as the sun sets in City Plaza. Photo credit: Allisun Coote

December 8, 2015

Dakota Youpeè, a homeless individual, died early in November on the streets of Chico. He struggled with alcohol addiction. What many may not know is that Safe Space has provided a place for homeless individuals in any condition to have warmth during the cold and rainy months, and will continue to operate this winter with ...

New ordinance to reduce couch fires

Map of furniture-related fires in Chico. Photo courtesy of Chico Fire Department.

December 7, 2015

Chico City Council passed a new city ordinance proposed by the Chico Fire Department that could reduce the amount of couch and furniture-related fires. The ordinance bans residents and Chico State students alike from having any indoor furniture placed on their porch or in front of their residence. “Th...

City Council passes new sit-lie ordinance

“Digger,” a local homeless man, sits with his cat, Spot, across from 7/11. Photo credit: Emily Teague

Kindra Robinson

September 21, 2015

  City Council passed a new ordinance on Sept. 15 that instills harsher punishments for individuals found sleeping, camping or other obstructive behavior in public places throughout Chico. The city's current sit-lie ordinance restricts people from sitting or lying in public places, such a...

Downtown businesses struggle with homeless

Jay, a local homeless man, stands outside of businesses in hopes of compassion Photo credit: Emily Teague

Madison Holmes

April 15, 2014

Katie Vaclavik, the owner of Katie’s Corner, was used to cleaning up urine and trash left by the homeless before opening her store each morning, she said. Before changing store locations from Third and Main streets to the Chico Mall on East 20th Street, Katie’s Corner was often the resting place...

Chico dehumanizes homeless population

Zachary Phillips

February 4, 2014

In “Purgatorio,” part one of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy,” the fourth level of purgatory is reserved for those afflicted by sloth — a lack of action in response to others’ needs. The men and women occupying this terrace are eternally tasked with constant movement, damned to never a...

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