The Orion

Redhead redemption

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Sam Rios

February 12, 2016

The concept of redheads becoming extinct seems to be a funny anecdote. However, there is proof that this is actually a serious issue.Researchers at ScotlandsDNA estimate that redheads could be extinct in a couple hundred years as a result of climate change.It is crucial to know that red hair is a hereditary ...

Kirshner Wildlife Foundation rescues exotic animals in need of care

The Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation has seven wild tigers of various types, including Savara, a Siberian tiger. Photo credit: George Johnston

Nick Bragg

May 12, 2015

With more than 100 exotic animals from 57 different species, the Kirshner Wildlife Foundation unites Chico with animals from around the world. Running strictly off donations and volunteer work from community members, the foundation specializes in rehabilitation and housing of animals with spe...

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