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Illustration by Miles Huffman

Finish schoolwork early, reclaim Sundays

Miles Inserra // March 30, 2015

College students practice high school habits when it comes to homework on the weekends. As long as Sunday remains a designated catchup day after a weekend of procrastination, Sunday will always...

Deadline dread’s vicious circle

Alyssa Dunning // December 13, 2014

I've been writing for The Orion this entire semester, and still I waited until the last minute to write this article. I really do try to be on top of my assignments, but it just never seems to work...

Better to shut up than one-up.

Alyssa Dunning // September 29, 2014

The trend of one-upping one another is annoying, more annoying than any other trend. It's Tuesday morning and I am exhausted. Although it is my own fault for procrastinating, I had to work on a paper...

Valerie Teegardin

Finding productivity in procrastination

Valerie Teegardin // March 5, 2014

Targeted as a roadblock to success needing to be demolished, procrastination has been tied to laziness and wasted time. It's a slacker's defining quality. If it's so bad, then why does college continue...

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