Finish schoolwork early, reclaim Sundays

Illustration by Miles Huffman

College students practice high school habits when it comes to homework on the weekends.

As long as Sunday remains a designated catchup day after a weekend of procrastination, Sunday will always be drag.

Like clockwork, most students bury all thoughts of school deep in their subconscious the moment class ends Thursday — or Friday for the unfortunate.

Some choose to forget educational obligations altogether until Sunday night. Others let the reoccurring thoughts of unfinished homework nag them all weekend, never at ease until at last they terminate the work on Sunday.

Students are so predictable.

Sundays do not need to be stressful. But as long as students are complacent, dedicating the last day of every week to school, weeks will not end well.

This year in Chico, where the orchards have bloomed and spring has arrived early, hiding inside on the Sabbath is a sin.

This is not a promotion to blow off the books for a lawn chair, pair of dice and stunner shades. That game of Snappa fueled by cheap canned beer can wait for Friday.

Unless …

Students finish their schoolwork before Sunday, freeing up the sunny afternoon for whatever it is college kids do or drink on a day off from class.

Homework is stressful when the deadline is pressing. Eliminate the pressure caused by procrastinating and much of the stress is eliminated as well.

Suddenly Sunday is relaxing again.

Miles Inserra can be reached at [email protected] or @m_inserra on Twitter