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LemonShark Poké: The new kid on Main Street

Lemon Shark has almost a dozen sauce options and Adia Munoz is more than happy to offer her favorite recommendations. Photo credit: Olyvia Simpson

Ulises Duenas

September 28, 2018

Anyone approaching LemonShark Poké might have the initial thought, "this place looks pretty cool, must be new." As viewers get closer they'll see a logo with a shark's head popping up, similar to the infamous "Jaws" poster. One might think, "can I get some shark from here?" LemonShark Poké have a lot...

Local family-owned restaurant, ‘La Comida’ celebrates 50 year anniversary

'La Comida' restaurant located in Mangrove Plaza. Photo credit: Alejandra Fraga

Alejandra Fraga

April 23, 2018

The La Comida restaurant celebrated its' 50-year anniversary from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. out in the Mangrove Plaza parking lot Saturday. The restaurant, which serves Mexican food, is located in the Mangrove Plaza on Mangrove Ave in Chico.The event consisted of prizes, a wheel of fortune, food specials and...

Chico’s Sipho’s offers Jamaican flavor on a budget

This Jamaican restaurant is located next to the orchards along Dayton Highway. Photo credit: Natalie Hanson

Natalie Hanson

February 20, 2018

When looking for a unique, authentic meal in Chico, one may not think “cheap” first. Surprisingly, there are some real treats hidden in plain sight here in town, once you’re tired of having burgers and pizza downtown for a month straight, without breaking the bank. Sipho’s is a hidden delight...

Valentine’s Day guide for the broke college student

Ayman Arara and Yazeed Alsubaie, senior international relations majors Photo credit: Claire Martinez

Claire Martinez

February 13, 2015

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