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Title IX changes give more rights to people accused of ‘sexual misconduct’

A ruling, coming out of a case from USC, gives more rights to people who are accused of sexual misconduct. Photo credit: Melissa Joseph

Kendall George

April 9, 2019

Two Chico State students recall their experiences with false rape accusations Chico State and many other schools across California are revising their sexual assault protocol after a state appellate court ruled that students arraigned of sexual misconduct have new rights to protect them against false...

Crime reports release different stats

Outside view of the University Police Department. Photo credit: Kayla Fitzgerald

Kayla Fitzgerald

October 20, 2016

Four rapes, three of which occurred on campus, were reported between 2013 and 2015, according to the Clery Annual Security Report. Different crime rates were expressed in the 2016 Clery Annual Security Report released Oct. 1 than in the Title IX report released Oct. 3. The security report focuses on crimes reported on campus and in buildings affiliated. The report helps ...

CSU launches sexual misconduct awareness program

Kendall Hall Photo credit: Ronnie Bolser

Bianca Quilantan

October 11, 2016

Student lack of awareness of sexual misconduct—not anymore.In an attempt to expand sexual misconduct awareness, Chico State is making “Not Anymore” mandatory for all students by requiring continuing and graduate students to take a 20-minute refresher course each year.“Not Anymore” i...

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