Crime reports release different stats


Outside view of the University Police Department. Photo credit: Kayla Fitzgerald

Four rapes, three of which occurred on campus, were reported between 2013 and 2015, according to the Clery Annual Security Report.

Different crime rates were expressed in the 2016 Clery Annual Security Report released Oct. 1 than in the Title IX report released Oct. 3.

The security report focuses on crimes reported on campus and in buildings affiliated. The report helps the university prepare for emergency situations and protocols but doesn’t show accurate crime trends.

University Police Chief John Feeney stated in the report that University Police will provide information regarding resources to ensure campus safety.

“University policies and procedures for reporting crime, facilitating safety and security, prevention and protection programs, victim assistance services, fire safety, and other resources that promote a safe campus community,” Feeney said.

The Clery Act limits crime statistics to incidents that occurred on campus, in certain off-campus buildings, property owned or controlled by CSU, Chico, and on public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus.

The boundary enforced by Title IX also includes student neighborhoods.

Most of the incidents in the Clery report came from Student Judicial Affairs or the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center. Crime rates include:

  • 21 drug-related incidents
  • 13 burglaries
  • eight car thefts
  • five aggravated assaults
  • four domestic violence disturbances
  • one report of fondling
  • one report of stalking.

The Title IX report discusses all reports regarding both student victims and predators, regardless of where the incident occurred.

The report states that 53 sexual harassment reports, sexual misconduct, dating or domestic violence or stalking that were disclosed to the Title IX office.

“Overall, the Title IX Office is pleased with the increased reporting that has occurred over the past year, which we believe is to be due in part to increased attention to these issues on campus and nationwide,” the report states.

University Police is working to prevent, educate and inform students of sexual misconducts through programs and training. Those stated in the security report include:

  • New student training: “Not Anymore,” sexual violence information, bystander intervention and anti-victim blaming.
  • Annual prevention and awareness training
  • New employee orientation
  • Annual Title IX online compliance training for employees
  • Annual announcement to employees

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