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With all these vaping-related deaths, some still believe in its safety

Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Jack Lewis

October 21, 2019

For years, big tobacco has used shady tactics to get Americans hooked on nicotine. In fact, smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of preventable death in the nation, responsible for over 480,000 deaths every year according to the CDC. Now, the nation is experiencing a new form of nicotine addiction...

Marijuana use banned on campus

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Natalie Hanson

January 21, 2018

Chico State announced its continued prohibition of marijuana on campus Thursday. In an email to the campus community, Milton Lang, Vice President of Student Affairs, stated that marijuana remains prohibited on all Chico State property and all university events. This prohibition will remain despite...

Breathe Easy

Kendall George

August 22, 2017

It might be time to break out the nicotine gum, because effective September 1st, the entire Chico State campus, as well as all other CSU campuses, will be smoke and tobacco free.That means no cigarettes, no vaping, no pipes, cigars or snuff products of any kind will be allowed in any area of campus. T...

Tobacco Ban has health benefits

Tobacco Ban has health benefits

August 21, 2017

Chico State has become a smoke and tobacco-free campus. The change happened on Aug. 17 so that the campus would comply with a system-wide executive order signed by Chancellor White in April. Some campus community members may be opposed to the change, but the new policy is a good decision. More than 4...

Smoking Ban at CSU Chico

All CSU campuses have now been deemed tobacco free. Courtesy of Getty Images

Andrew Freeman

August 21, 2017

Last Thursday, the grounds of Chico State officially became smoke and tobacco-free. This means the use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes or chewing tobacco is prohibited on any school grounds.According to Trisha Seastrom, the program director of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC), there wil...

Don’t pass the joint to pets

Photo by: Katia Berg

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

April 22, 2017

Smoking a few bowls can be relaxing after a long day, especially for those with legitimate medical reasons. However, with the convenience of obtaining a medical marijuana ID being easier than ever, it definitely isn’t uncommon to see more 420 friendly homes. Having a smoke session with friends can be...

A little marijuana goes a long way in bed

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Rachel Reyes

April 19, 2017

When combining the prevalent sex culture of college with drug and alcohol use, it might be safe to assume there is a causal relationship between the students and the drugs. According to UCSB, the use of marijuana can elevate mood and arousal for many people, as well as stimulate sexual activity. A s...

Prop 56 saves our lungs

Photo credit: Kristina Judy

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

January 22, 2017

Growing up inhaling cigarette smoke on a daily basis definitely wasn’t a highlight of my childhood.With the recent passing of Proposition 56, there is hope for future generations to no longer be forced to endure the second-hand abuse to their lungs.This proposition increased the tax on tobacco in Ca...

Smoking should be banned on campus

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Carson Predovich and Dongyoung Won

September 18, 2016

When walking through the gorgeous Chico State campus, there are a few things to expect. You should be prepared to see a seemingly endless variety of trees, hear the birds chirping and the creek babbling. What you shouldn’t have to be prepared for is inhaling a cloud of someone else's secondhand sm...

Gov. Jerry Brown may raise tobacco age to 21

Chico State students smoke outside of Whitney Hall. Photo credit: Amelia Storm

Bridget Comito

April 28, 2016

Six bills lay on the California governor's desk, waiting to be signed. These bills would raise California's legal age for smoking, dipping, chewing, and vaping tobacco from 18 to 21. The bills were sent Friday after a six-week delay.Ricardo Cuevas is the manger of the tobacco and smoke shop Too Hot Glas...

I’m not a real smoker

Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues

Julie Ramos

April 26, 2016

I’ve never considered myself a smoker. Whether I’m renting a hotel room for the weekend or filling out a questionnaire at the doctor’s office, I always choose non-smoker. I don’t purchase or bum cigarettes. Personally I think smoking cigarettes is a gross, unattractive and dange...

California’s tobacco measure will have negative results

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Sean Daly

March 29, 2016

From 2011-2012 in California, adults aged 18-24formed the lowest demographic of cigarette smokers except for adults aged 65 and over. They also had lower rates of smoking than the national average, which have both been steadily dropping recently. So why is our California legislature trying to restrict...

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