A little marijuana goes a long way in bed


Photo credit: Chase Falk

When combining the prevalent sex culture of college with drug and alcohol use, it might be safe to assume there is a causal relationship between the students and the drugs.

According to UCSB, the use of marijuana can elevate mood and arousal for many people, as well as stimulate sexual activity. A study shown from USA Today shows those college students today smoke weed at a higher rate than at any time in the past 35 years, surpassing daily cigarette smoking for the first time since 2014.

The feelings of getting high may include a calming sensation and relaxation, increased joy and is associated with a higher level of intimacy, according to ATTN Health.

People have been using weed as an aphrodisiac, but researchers have indicated that marijuana only affects certain sexual organs in a way that boosts sex drive in some but doesn’t act as an aphrodisiac completely.

In a New York Times study conducted from the University of Texas, three researchers worked with mice by testing their testosterone levels while intaking THC, a prime ingredient when smoking marijuana. The study found that the testosterone level in all the mice jumped almost immediately to about six times its normal amount.

This actually had an inhibiting effect on libido. “Over two-thirds reported increased sexual pleasure and satisfaction with marijuana,” stated one of the authors of the study.

According to Leafly, a 2009 study shows that women who reported frequent cannabis consumption were most likely to report more than two sexual partners in the previous years. On the other hand, men who also consumed cannabis had double of the likelihood of reporting two or more partners.

California’s Prop 64 measure that was recently voted yes allows adults who are over 21 posses up to an ounce of marijuana. Prior to this, though, many people would smoke in private, intimate settings because of the strong odor and fear of not being able to legally smoke it freely. Others will take this setting and utilize it to enhance their sexual encounters without even knowing it.

How often do you find, within a hookup culture, couples using a “smoke sesh” to discreetly initiate a one night stand or just another night of hooking up? It happens often, so much so that the Bold Italic wrote about a dating site for those who are single, ready to not only smoke a bowl or two but also hook-up.

Apparently, when signing up users will be asked questions such as “How often do you smoke? To “What strain do you prefer smoking?”. It also includes a place to blog about things that are weed-related, from edible recipes to medical marijuana research. It is almost like tinder, where users may “wink” at members who they want to flirt or smoke with.

It is 2017 and people are really taking the use of marijuana as a libido to the next level.

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