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STIs: It could be you.

Photo credit: Melissa Joseph

Janette Estrada

April 7, 2019

Let’s talk about sex. The good, the bad and the gossip.Over the past year, California and Butte County have experienced an alarming increase in STI rates. Chlamydia is the most reported in Butte County.According to a report by the California Department of Public Health, “In 2017, the rate of...

O face: Drunk sex kills orgasms

Janette Estrada

April 2, 2019

Spring is here and as the trees and flowers are blooming, so to are the birds and the bees.Congrats on attending one of the biggest party schools in California, where alcohol penetrates livers in a rallying call for a good time.Part of the college experience is to have as much fun as possible and fo...

DTF with protection?

Condoms one of the many ways to prevent STD's. Photo credit: Dominique Wood

Rachael Bayuk

September 25, 2018

We are living in the height of reclamation. Words that were previously used to shame us are now ours to say alone. Slurs that would kill a high school reputation, just five years ago, are now proper greetings to best friends. With this new wave of empowerment, there is a new age of sexual revolution go...

Off the Record: Friendships and lubricating in the bedroom

On this week's podcast, Racheal Bayuk, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin talk about two topics; friendships and using lubrication in the bedroom. Photo credit: The Orion

Karen Limones, Rayanne Painter, Brooke Martin, and Rachael Bayuk

September 25, 2018

This week, columnist Rachael Bayuk, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin hit on topics about friendships in and out of college and using lube in the bedroom.Rachael Bayuk, Rayanne Painter and Brooke Martin can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter....

STDs are being ignored

Photo credit: Katia Berg

Rachel Reyes

April 25, 2017

While the social atmosphere ranges differently from campus to campus, at Chico State, the social life and hookup culture is universal and plays a huge part to some degree in a student’s lifestyle. Despite being a significant part of the college experience, there is also a caution that needs to ...

Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in Chico

Photo credit: Student Health Center

Michael Catelli

April 27, 2016

In a survey of 74 Chico State students, 34 percent responded either rarely or never practicing safe sex. This could explain why in the 2014-2015 year, the Student Health Center Annual Report recorded over 3,000 lab test requests for chlamydia. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,...

STDs on the rise in Butte county

Lisa Almaguer, Communications Manager at Butte County Health Department, provides insight on sexually transmitted infections in light of recent statistics. Photo credit: Sarah Strausser

Sarah Strausser

September 11, 2015

According to the Butte County Health Department, the number of confirmed cases of gonorrhea in Butte County in 2014 alone was 300. The numbers from 2015 are not in yet, but according to experts, they are going to be even higher. Lisa Almaguer, Communications Manager at Butte County Health Department, said the average age of repor...

Biology job fair discusses gonorrhea

The biology fair was a day dedicated to biology majors and their opportunities in the job field. Photo courtesy of the School Biological of Sciences

Brianne Mcevoy

February 11, 2015

Students of the biological science department attended a career day on Feb. 6 that revealed a gonnorhea outbreak in Butte and Shasta Counties. "The science department has felt that job fairs on campus cater more to business majors," professor Troy Cline said, "biology majors need to be aware of possible empl...

Chlamydia test rise warrants awareness

Matt Murphy

December 4, 2014

There are certain words that, when placed together, make one jump to conclusions. A word like "chlamydia," for instance, when placed in a sentence with "increase," will lead to conclusions like, "Oh my god, Chico State is being overrun with chlamydia." This may or may not have been my brash reaction aft...

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