Biology job fair discusses gonorrhea

The biology fair was a day dedicated to biology majors and their opportunities in the job field. Photo courtesy of the School Biological of Sciences

Students of the biological science department attended a career day on Feb. 6 that revealed a gonnorhea outbreak in Butte and Shasta Counties.

“The science department has felt that job fairs on campus cater more to business majors,” professor Troy Cline said, “biology majors need to be aware of possible employment positions after they graduate in May.”

The opportunity to learn about their future job choices can create opportunities in the health field like disease epidemiologist Linda Lewis.

Her work has helped discover over 300 cases of gonorrhea in Butte County and is working along-side Shasta County during their epidemic of gonnorhea.

The reported age range of those who have contracted the sexually transmitted disease is in-between 13 to 60. It’s not just an issue that affects students; it impacts the county, including the homeless people.

In order to raise awareness and encourage preventative measures, informational packets that include condoms are distributed to the homeless population.

A census count, like a survey will be conducted in order to determine the necessary measures needed to stop the spread of this bacterial growth.

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