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Buyer straights: Finding good shopping in Chico

Illustration by Kayce Tynan Photo credit: Kayce Tynan

Stephanie Schmieding

October 5, 2015

When parents come in town to visit, we all know what's on the forefront of any student’s mind: “How are you going to spoil me?” Luckily for students and parents, Chico is home to many shops and boutiques that cater to any shopper’s needs. If you are a workout hound, fashionista, thrift store junkie or even ...

Students voice concerns with Sutter Dining

First-year animal science major, Delaney Friel, gets salad from the Sutter Dining Hall self-serve bar on Sunday. Photo credit: Christine Zuniga

Stephanie Schmieding

September 14, 2015

“I feel like I live off of bagels and Goldfish." Emily Lovato, first-year communication sciences and disorders major, delved deeper into her concerns about Sutter Dining and the quality of nutrition she is receiving with her meal plan. “It tastes like Disneyland food,” she said. “It just...

MVP battle: Curry’s got a shot

MVP battle: Curry's got a shot

Stephanie Schmieding

April 25, 2015

The regular NBA season may be over, but the race for MVP is still going strong. While the league is not shy of talent, there is one player that rises, or rather splashes, above the rest. Stephen Curry. Standing at 6 foot 3 inches and 190 pounds, the point guard for the Golden State Warriors encompasses everything that...

Orion alumni thrive across America

Orion alumni thrive across America

Stephanie Schmieding

March 12, 2015

Take a look through an interactive map that shows some of the destinations former Orion staff and faculty have ended up at, both in the country and in their careers. Stephanie Schmieding can be reached at [email protected] or @stephbottt on Twitter....

Professors read Rate My Professors reviews

Professors read Rate My Professors reviews

Stephanie Schmieding

September 24, 2014

Rate My Professors is a resource students have used to rant, commend and vindicate grudges for years. The website allows students to administer ratings and comments, both positive and negative, about professors and schools all over the country. While the ratings provide a consensus among students, how do...

Local cafe to launch donations-only meals

The owner of 100th Monkey Cafe & Books, Jill Lacefield, said the community will support the new business plan. Photo credit: Emily Teague

Stephanie Schmieding

September 6, 2014

Peaceful vibes, delicious food and a prime location are just a few things that make 100th Monkey Cafe & Books a welcoming hangout for students and locals. The cafe is about to add one more thing to entice students: free lunch. The establishment will join 45 other cafes in America in October by becoming a pay...

Humans of Chico State: An inside look on students’ lives

Teddy Crete, 20, works the Chico Newman Center table outside Plumas Hall and encourages students to join. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Stephanie Schmieding

August 28, 2014

Q: What is your biggest dream?A: "My biggest dream is to flip houses. It's when you buy a rundown house and you fix it up so that it's nice and then you sell it for a profit. It's very risky, but it would also be very cool." - Alex Horne, sophomore business marketing majorDo you have a favorite memory?"I us...

Help Chico wipe out the drought

Pete Bonacich, acting district manager of the California Water Service Co. in Chico, takes pride in his work done both on the scene and in his office to help preserve water during this devastating drought. Photo credit: Stephanie Schmieding

Stephanie Schmieding

August 26, 2014

Cue the extreme heat, damaged crops and plant fatalities because Wildcats, we are in the midst of a devastating drought. We're in crisis mode, no drought about it. 2013 marked one of the driest years on record for California, according to the California Water Service Co.. However, Butte County continues...

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