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Tinder for dummies: Master the art of dating in a college town

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Nicole Henson

January 31, 2018

Today, online dating has reached a much younger crowd in the form of a dating app; Tinder. The app is mostly used by college-aged students sorting through potential people to hook up with. However, it has become such a pop fad that there are numerous, underlying rules to follow when navigating the compa...

A distinct type of social outcast

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Allison Galbreath

March 15, 2015

Because this is a subject long debated, I thought I’d give my views of the differences between a nerd, geek, dork and dweeb. This is a matter of serious importance as it is critical to properly classify and segregate people into further categories and subcategories.Geek: someone almost specialized and/o...

Orionite Abroad: Stay calm and discourage stereotypes

Michelle Manera walks the famous Abbey Road crossing. Courtesy of Michelle Manera.

Michelle Manera

March 18, 2014

Defeating the American stereotype can't be done with just one act.It's a daily task that involves choosing not to lose control, or at the very least, losing control silently. Americans have a reputation of being loud and obnoxious, and since being abroad, I see that. But I have also seen British people act th...

Six reasons for a six-state split

Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips

March 1, 2014

With its sunny beaches, fertile farmland and bustling cities, California is nothing if not newsworthy. The most recent story hovering over the state involves Silicon Valley businessman Tim Draper and his proposition to split California into six different states. Draper’s new boundaries have...

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