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Animal petting helps de-stress students

Friendly pony posing for a picture in front of the WREC. Photo credit: Joel Peterson

Jack Lewis and Joel Peterson

December 12, 2019

Chico State once again is hosting its bi-annual de-stress animal event at the WildCat Recreation Center (WREC).Starting this week and ending next week, students can visit the WREC each day to pet a variety of different animals in order to relieve anxiety during the stressful two weeks of finals preparati...

Photo of the day

Santos Arevalo of Epsilon Sigma Rho braces himself for a water balloon attack on Tuesday of dead week. The fraternity set up water balloons ready to be tossed at the fraternity members in Trinity Commons to relieve finals stress. Photo credit: Caitlyn Young

Caitlyn Young

May 9, 2018

Santos Arevalo of Epsilon Sigma Rho braces himself for a water balloon attack on Tuesday of dead week. The fraternity set up water balloons ready to be tossed at the fraternity members in Trinity Commons to relieve finals stress.

College stress never ends

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Nicte Hernandez

April 17, 2018

Many Wildcats are coming to the end of an incomparable time in their lives. The undergraduate experience is different for everyone but there is no doubt that these are years we will forever cherish and look back to when we move to the start of our careers.The college experience is unique in the fact ...

Living under the weight of senior anxiety

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Grayson Boyer

November 7, 2017

To be near graduation is a lonely thing. The anxieties and fears of a senior student go beyond midterms and papers and inch into the metaphysical. What will I do? Where will I go? Am I ready? The seniors at Chico State are all living under a looming fear. Although graduation represents a great accomplishment,...

Students majoring in stress

Photo credit: Jessica Johnson

Susan Whaley

April 24, 2017

Crying, eating carbs, going outdoors, time management and simply winging it are a few things students do to deal with their stress while preparing for finals.Eighty-five percent of college students feel overwhelmed by their workload and 30 percent of students say that stress has a negative effect on...

Light at the end of the tunnel: Finals stress almost over

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Sean Daly

May 14, 2016

The last month of a semester is a time of potentially harmful stress on students who work through a month of semester-ending tests and projects, only to have to prepare for finals around the corner. Many students freak out when trying to make it through these times as even the most efficient and cool-headed st...

Dead week not so dead

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Jeff Guzman

May 13, 2016

The week before finals is informally known as “dead week.” During dead week professors are expected to spend most of lecture time reviewing old material rather than introducing new material, and less work is given out to students all in an attempt to lighten the load right be...

Don’t stress: Keys to a healthy sex drive

Photo credit: Bobbie Rae Jones

Joann Chevaillier

March 6, 2016

As students we have many responsibilities that can create stress. Stress can cause some frustrating issues, like affecting a person's sex drive. Lately all my different responsibilities have been making me crazy and making me miss my down time. This rise of different activities can affect how well...

Money talks, just not in front of the kids

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Brittany Mcclintock

March 1, 2016

Money can be a stressful thing to talk about. Whether you have a lot of money or not much at all, it can be the main topic of concern. When you’re getting paid, paying bills, buying things for the house, repairing broken things, all center on money. This money stressor is sometimes too much for adu...

UMatter offers help for students with anxiety

UMatter offers help for students with anxiety

Eric Mcguire

February 14, 2016

Student volunteers and mental health professionals alike have taken on the challenge of raising awareness, reducing stigmas surrounding the idea of getting help for anxiety and convincing Chico State students to join the conversation. The first step has been to make students aware that anxiety is all...

Finding time to destress

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Joseph Rogers

April 11, 2015

Spring Break is over. Midterms are over, at least for me. Now it’s the downhill slide into finals week. It is during this time that I notice that “the change” comes over myself and some of my peers. It's like a twisted version of the zombie apocalypse is occurring. I turn into a littl...

Bringing balance to the war on stress

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Miles Inserra

March 26, 2015

Stress can be a student’s sword or kryptonite.Any student fighting to succeed at the collegiate level must learn to channel this potentially lethal energy into productivity.The daily stressors the average student copes with can be overcome. With extra time management, most can tame their stress a...

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