Finding time to destress

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Spring Break is over. Midterms are over, at least for me. Now it’s the downhill slide into finals week.

It is during this time that I notice that “the change” comes over myself and some of my peers. It’s like a twisted version of the zombie apocalypse is occurring.

I turn into a little ball of stress, well not so little, fueled by nicotine, caffeine, Dentyne and the occasional Hot Pocket, wrapped around a brain that is go on like a runaway freight train.

I’m sure others feel the same. All the projects that are coming due, the job isn’t backing down particularly if a student works in retail and the sudden realization that there’s more semester time behind us than in front.

I’m also graduating, so here’s to the added stress of updating the resume, hitting every career fair that the Career Center hosts, interviews, and crossing fingers for a job offer.

But down time, real, honest relaxation is needed. I schedule it in my phone.

Oops! It’s 5pm on Friday. Time to put the laptop down, grab some Mt. Dew and see who is out to get blown out of the sky on StarHawk.

Joseph Rogers can be reached at [email protected] or @JosephLRogers1 on Twitter.