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Trusting friends with partners

Trusting friends with partners

Joann Chevaillier

May 1, 2016

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Many of us have no problem trusting our friends with anything that we see as ours: swimsuits, water bottles, cars and more. A question I often find myself asking is can I trust my friends with my partner?A while back I had a friend that would go after a guy even if I admitted that I liked him. She would...

Consent can still be sexy

Consent can still be sexy

Joseph Rogers

March 29, 2015

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Consent has more to it than just a single “Want to have sex?” question. While consent needs to be taken seriously, it doesn’t mean it can’t be playful. I was in a class on human sexuality that had a unit on consent, in which we covered the legal definitions. In California, a person who’...

The O-Face: Abandoning sexual anxiety

The O-Face: Abandoning sexual anxiety

Michael Karp

February 9, 2014

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As I walk over to her house my thoughts are consumed with nervousness and apprehension. Am I going to get hard enough? Am I going to be able to keep it up long enough? Am I even going to be able to pleasure her? Maybe I’m still traumatized from getting whiskey dick while losing my virginity. Sex is an amazing part of life, but sexual anxi...

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