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  • Miles Daniels shooting wide open mid-range vs. the Broncos.


    Afifi records career-high in win over the Broncos

  • Image courtesy of Pexels.


    Taking a breather

  • Participant on a exercise bicycle working with a student volunteer at the BE:WEL Program.


    Service learning program gives Chico State students new perspective on personalized care

  • Speedy Burrito Mexican Grill cart sells food at the intersection of Ivy and West Second Streets. Taken by Ariana Powell on Oct. 6.


    ‘Burrito guy’ review: burritos for all

  • Coffee beans taken by Igor Haritanovich. Image courtesy of Pexels.


    Chico’s coffee culture: grounds for celebration or a bean there, done that situation?

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Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Chico State's independent student newspaper

The Orion

Kaitlin Haley, A.S. Commissioner of Environmental Affairs. Orion File Photo.

Environmental groups lack diversity

Yessenia Funes // May 13, 2014
The environmental groups on campus are predominantly white but are trying to diversify.

Student leaves behind friends but keeps unforgettable memories

Yessenia Funes // May 12, 2014
Life is unstable as a college student who is constantly moving from place to place, but that doesn't mean students shouldn't build friendships during their temporary stays.
Kevin Killion, a Chico State student involved in the divestment campaign, attended the California State Student Association May 4. Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

Divestment gathers faculty support

Yessenia Funes // May 10, 2014
Students in the "Environmental Thought and Action" class continue to campaign for divestment of University Foundation stock funds from the top 200 fossil fuel companies in the world.
Juni Banerjee-Stevens, counselor at the Counseling and Wellness Center. Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

Programs tackle veteran illness

Yessenia Funes // May 8, 2014
Chico State is developing programs to help student veterans with mental illness.
Steers from the University Farm research program that are fed spent grains from the Sierra Nevada Brewery. Photo credit: Matthew Vacca

Brewers unaffected by proposed FDA rules

Yessenia Funes // April 26, 2014
American breweries, including Sierra Nevada, were worried that proposed U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations would destroy their relationships with farmers, but the FDA confirmed yesterday that brewers will be exempt.
Employees face workplace bullying

Employees face workplace bullying

Yessenia Funes // April 23, 2014
Chico State and the rest of the California State Universities struggle with institutional bullying, causing health issues and fear among employees.
Butte County strides toward fracking ban

Butte County strides toward fracking ban

Yessenia Funes // April 8, 2014
The Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday in support of a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Butte County.
Butte Hall banners call for divestment

Butte Hall banners call for divestment

Yessenia Funes // April 3, 2014
The demonstration was part of a campaign to get the university to divest its stock investments from fossil fuel companies.
Students in Mark Stemens Geology 440 class march to the front of Kendall Hall on April Fools Day to host their own Fossil Fools human oil spill. Photo credit: Emily Teague

Students create ‘human oil spill’

Yessenia Funes // April 1, 2014
The "Environmental Thought and Action" class created a human oil spill to campaign for the divestment of university stock funds from fossil fuel companies.

Cesar Chavez day parties lack reverence

Yessenia Funes // April 1, 2014
An outsiders perspective on Cesar Chavez day
Mark Stemen, associate professor in the geography and planning department, discuss the fire safety issues in Butte Hall. Photo credit: Yessenia Funes

Fire marshal report reprimands Butte Hall

Yessenia Funes // April 1, 2014
Benches and bulletin boards on the second-through-seventh floors were labeled as fire hazards and removed following an inspection by the fire marshal. Tea kettles, microwaves, refrigerators and coffeemakers were also removed from offices on several floors.
Yaroslav Lazurenko, a Chico State student who moved to Chico from Ukraine eight years ago, holds a photo of rioting in his country. Photo credit: Emily Teague

Ukrainians react to unrest in homeland

Yessenia Funes // March 26, 2014
A Chico State student, a professor and her friend living in Kiev, Ukraine, all discuss the Ukrainian conflict and what Chico State students can do to help.
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