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Chico State students can feel intimidated by faculty

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Karen Limones

October 31, 2018

Have you ever heard of the phrase you must respect your elders? Growing up, this is the common ideology most young adults learn. Young students often have to give their elders respect even when this respect isn't reciprocated. Sometimes students feel embarrassed about their work in front of their pr...

‘Love, Simon’ inspires people to be who they are

Nick Robinson plays Simon Spier, a closeted teen who searches for the mysterious classmate under the alias

Julia Maldonado

March 26, 2018

It doesn’t get cheesier than a guy searching for his perfect love story. Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) has a seemingly normal life with a loving family in a picturesque suburban home and a great group of friends to carpool with to school every day. However, Simon has “one huge a** secret:”...

The O-Face: Lessons sex education doesn’t teach

Michael Karp

April 7, 2014

What was Sex Ed in school like for you? Informative? Awkward? Funny? Disgusting? Sex education began around the 1950s. I believe it still has a long way to go. My sex education was taught in a manner that said, “You’re better off not having sex until you’re married. But then again, use...

Limit alcohol consumption, not standards

Veronica De La Cruz

March 24, 2014

It's called beer goggles, and most can agree that it’s something that should be completely avoided when drinking alcohol. Beer goggles are an illusion some people get when they’re intoxicated. It results in believing that someone is more attractive than they actually are. With my exper...

Mutual respect should bridge generational gaps

Veronica De La Cruz

Veronica De La Cruz

March 10, 2014

Respect should not be defined by how much life experience a young adult has. It should be something that everyone is entitled to, unless their actions prove that they don't deserve it. Transitioning into adulthood is difficult for most college students, but respect is something that everyone ex...

Risk regret by getting hitched too soon

Veronica De La Cruz

Veronica De La Cruz

February 25, 2014

  Students have many pressures after college, and marriage shouldn't be one. Young adults often assume that they are entitled to spend an average of four to five years in college, graduate and eventually get married. With almost two years of college under my belt I've realized how fast time i...

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