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Dating woes of a homosexual

Zachary Phillips // September 17, 2014
The gay dating scene in Chico is disappointing, although never dull.

Providing pertinent professor feedback

Zachary Phillips // May 13, 2014
Unless the reader is unclear as to how education has functioned during the past 15 years of their life, comments like "Just do all of the assignments and pass the tests and you'll be fine" really don't help much.

Trading in kids for canines

Zachary Phillips // May 4, 2014
This baby-hating columnist is relishing the rising trend of choosing pets over parenthood.

Powdered alcohol presents plenty of hazards

Zachary Phillips // April 29, 2014
When it comes to alcohol, don't fix what isn't broken.

Justifying online piracy

Zachary Phillips // April 24, 2014
Pre-download lies that make everything seem just fine.

Draw Your Professor is fun and flattering

Zachary Phillips // April 17, 2014
A new website allows students to capture their professors' good sides.

Vaccines are friends, not foes.

Zachary Phillips // April 16, 2014
America's anti-vaccine movement is based on folly.

Warrior-princesses aren’t just for girls

Zachary Phillips // April 10, 2014
Boys and girls can both look up to strong female leads for inspiration.

Religiosity strangles generosity

Zachary Phillips // April 8, 2014
The effects of a generation whose prejudice is disguised as faith.
Photograph by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

Study Break: “Game of Thrones” season four premiere does not disappoint.

Zachary Phillips // April 8, 2014
Season four kicked off on Sunday night with enough drama, drinking and dragons to satisfy any fan.

Binge-watching TV is for smart people

Zachary Phillips // April 3, 2014
Active television enthusiasts deserve more credit for their work.
Zachary Phillips

Opposing inequality of objectification

Zachary Phillips // March 30, 2014
For whatever reason, the role of "sexy beach burger model" seems to be explicitly female.
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