Draw Your Professor is fun and flattering

Zachary Phillips

Most college students have heard of Rate My Professors, the online sounding board for evaluating teachers.

Less well known is Rate My Professors’ younger and more artistic sibling, Draw Your Professor. This new website has a similar purpose to its predecessor, but with an obvious twist.

Instead of a boring old evaluation, students can now capture all of their professors’ glory—or lack thereof— whilst honing their artistic skills.

The website includes an easily navigated search engine that allows one to pick their state, school and professor. After that, the fun begins.

Choosing from a modest arsenal of four brushes and eight colors, students need only flex their artistic muscles and then submit.

I’ve seen people respond to Draw Your Professor with mixed reviews. Some love it, others think it’s offensive.

I think it’s flattering. If a student is going to take the time to search for a specific professor, capture their likeness and quirks, and post it, it’s probably out of admiration.

True, some of the pictures are kind of harsh, but tough love is oftentimes the strongest.

If I was a professor, I would relish the opportunity to be poked fun at on Draw Your Professor. At the very least, it means that students are paying enough attention to remember my face.

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