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Community college cuts down price of education

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Kyra Stemplinger

May 6, 2017

Summer is really just a chance to catch up on lost time; whether it's by sleeping, relaxing, or retaking classes that didn't go very well during the spring semester. Panic rises in students when they realize their low grades might cause them to disrupt their four-year plans. Filling their summers...

Chico State fights against party school label

Photo credit: Katia Berg

Kyra Stemplinger

May 2, 2017

The curse looming over Chico State is finally celebrating its 30th anniversary but is still making students suffer. Being labeled as a "party school" in 1987 by Playboy Magazine gave Chico State a reputation that people have been fighting to get away from. It might be exciting to attend a school with...

Students succeed without a plan

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Marrion Charissa Cruz

March 26, 2017

The probing question asked of every graduating student about what they will do after college is more anxiety-inducing than the previous years spent at a university. Regardless of how many times a student might dodge the question, the most truthful answer is that they really don’t know. Somehow, i...

Schools skip valuable lessons

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Julie Ramos

March 26, 2016

We spend almost a quarter of our lives in school. As early as 3, some people enter preschool, by 4 we all start kindergarten. Then we go from elementary school, to middle school, to high school, to college. A minimum of 17 years of our lives are spent in the school system practicing academics to prepare us...

Obama chooses education over prison

Illustration by Nicole Jackson

Kristina Martinez

August 27, 2015

$80 billion is the amount of money that could “eliminate tuition at every public college and university in America.” As Obama pushes to find a way to end mass incarceration, local and state prison programs continue to become overcrowded. I agree with President Obama, I think that our prison systems...

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