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Bogg’s ‘Summer Harvest’ album review

The modern jazz band has harvested an eclectic collection of covers for its impressive and locally-recorded third album

Day by Day: custodian, musician on fishing, fame

David Day keeps the Student Services Center's fourth floor clean during the week and picks up his guitar and fishing pole on weekends.

Readers, Digest: Brain food for finals

Put the coffee down and munch on some healthy snacks to give you sustained energy for finals.

Ceramics virtuoso molds his future

Graduate student Chaz Martinsen prepares for his upcoming gallery this April as he reflects on his time at Chico State.

Q&A: The Orange Street Artist on screen printing, mysterious personas

Local artist Brent Clark dished about touring with The Grateful Dead, working in the professional screen printing field and craftsmanship.


Home for Christmas — with disappointing academic tidings

Telling your parents you got bad grades this semester isn’t the best feeling, but returning to improve is

In support of a secular Christmas

Christmas may have begun as a religious holiday, but it is no more.

Coping without coffee

College students should substitute caffeine for healthier alternatives.

Stop whining about spoilers

Spoilers suck, but they're not the end of the world.

Library Etiquette 101

Students should remind themselves of the importance of being respectful at the library.


Female Olympian plays with Chico State inline hockey team

Former Olympic competitor Carly Marquiss breaks boundaries and competes alongside male teammates

‘Cats golf fall season recap

The Orion takes a look back at how the Chico State's men's golf team finished a successful 2014 fall season.

Women’s basketball defeats Stanislaus

Two 'Cats hit career highs in points as five players reach double digits in the team's first conference victory.

Wildcat hits sophomore season stride

Sophomore guard Robert Duncan has emerged as a vital player for the Chico State men's basketball team.

Cat Bites: A farewell to sports

Sports editor Nick Woodard shares a parting message after three semesters of working on the sports section of The Orion.