Physics students drop pumpkins to educate kids

The Society of Physics Students drops pumpkins from the fourth floor of Butte Hall for the 27th annual Pumpkin Drop. The event encourages elementary school students to stay interested in science.

Students grow plants at gym for cafeteria

The Wildcat Recreation Center is planting their own vegetables in tower planters within the facility. The gym has given the vegetables to the Bell Memorial Union Marketplace Cafe for the local lunches.

Greeks put on probation, suspended

Greek organizations were either put on probation or suspension by governing councils. The organizations failed to comply with the Fraternity and Sorority Affair's policies and procedures.

Chico State student dies of heart failure

Griffin Dorais, 17, will be remembered at a memorial Nov. 2 at the Conzelmann Community Center in Sacramento. Students can access free urgent walk-in services at the Counseling and Wellness Center in Student Services building.

Cops call in backup for Chico Halloween

More than 33 officers from other California State Universities and the Critical Response Unit will be in Chico to help keep peace during Halloween festivities.

Chico international students face racism

International students facing racism is not uncommon. Students and members of the community have a responsibility to educate themselves on shared similarities between cultures in order to end racism said Frank Li, director of the International Education office.


Arts & Entertainment 

Swiss mime troupe enjoyable for all ages

MUMMENSCHANZ had no need for sound or music during its genuinely funny and mind-boggling visual performance Tuesday at Laxson Auditorium

Readers, Digest: Bulldog Taqueria has quick service, juicy burritos

The Orion sampled some local Mexican grill at the restaurant's new location downtown.

Local performance venue back on track to open in November

The Barn, an artist-supported venue that has been in development since June, is now slated to be an Internet-TV station startup.

Readers, Digest: DIY pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin spice lattes are all the rage during fall. Here is how you can make one yourself and save some money.

Memorial expresses love for student musician through song

Friends, family and professors shared moving stories and melodies in honor of Aaron Drange at the "I Remember Aaron" concert Friday in Harlen Adams Theatre.


Digital age reveals horrors of parenthood

As bloggers open up about parenting, my uterus shuts down

Campus needs audit to dissolve administrative dictatorship

The unsigned Orion editorial is the collaborative opinion of the editorial board.

Pumpkin carving: Every bro’s specialty

"To bro, or not to bro" is The Orion's weekly comic strip, illustrated and written by Mickey Layson.

Picture controversy is full of hypocrisy

For every critical comment The Orion received for running the graphic photo, they received another asking for it to be posted again.

How queer folk can best support allies

Last week's Tweet Talk showcased a common tension between LGBT+ people and their allies.


Women’s soccer team wins season finale

The Chico State women’s soccer team, with goals by Shelby Lanksbury, Lindsey Dias and Katie Woodrum, propelled over Cal State San Bernardino 3-

Men’s golf team wins tournament

The Chico State men's golf team won the Rock Barn Collegiate Invitational on Tuesday.

Chico State runner makes Team USA

Kym Crosby was recently invited to be a part of Team USA's Paralympic team, where she will get the chance to qualify for 2016's Paralympic games in Brazil.

Golfer sets school record with career-best effort

Dani O'Keefe led her team to a sixth-place finish at the team's most recent tournament.

Cross-country runners embrace race strategies

Athletes on the men and women's teams work together with head Coach Gary Towne on approaching races and strategizing before and during the race.