Study Break: Pharrell Williams “GIRL” Album Review


Singer, producer and multi-track instrumentalist Pharrell Williams released his second full-length album “GIRL” March 3.

There is not much happening lyrically in the album; Williams barely scratches the surface of anything personal or revealing.

However, he delivers several infections dance tunes. The album opens with the catchy groove of “Marilyn Monroe” and continues to lay down his soulful-pop style with “Gush” and “Gust of Wind.”

It’s clear he wants listeners to get up and dance. His No. 1 hit “Happy” is sure to put listeners in a good mood.

The duet with Alicia Keys on “Know Who You Are” has a pleasant reggae feel and Keys’ vocals complements Williams’ well.

If you need some new dance or car jams, this upbeat album won’t disappoint.

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