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How to breathe as finals approach

Katrina Ornelas, senior English major shares, what she does to take a break from studying. Photo credit: Romeo Espinal

Carly Plemons

May 8, 2016

Watch the video at the end of this article to watch student responses.When studying and responsibilities become so overwhelming to the point you feel like your brain is fried, it’s time for a distraction. Here are a few things to make you feel like less of a notecard robot. Movies and shows: When memorizin...

Study Break: ‘Mortdecai’ review

Film poster released by Lionsgate Entertainment

Daena Marissa Iqbal Hakim

January 29, 2015

Johnny Depp's latest performance disappoints in director David Koepp's brainless comedy “Mortdecai."The film, which stars Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Paul Bettany and Olivia Munn, opened in theaters Thursday.The story, based on Kyril Bonfiglioli’s series of comic thriller novels, invo...

Study Break: In This Moment’s ‘Black Widow’ album review

Photo by Luis Blanco via Wikimedia Commons

Jake Hutchison

November 24, 2014

In recent years, Maria Brink has clawed her way to the top of the mainstream rock charts using her fearless persona, deep vampiric voice and notably dark lyrics. And sure enough, she continues this crusade with "Black Widow," the fifth album of her band, In This Moment. Straight out of the door, In This...

Study Break: Calvin Harris’ ‘Motion’ album review

Photo by James via Flickr

Trevor Whitney

November 8, 2014

The fact that Calvin Harris even makes albums is perplexing. According to England's Official Charts Company, the Scottish DJ has the most top 10 hits ever from his "18 Months" album, with nine. Even if that's the best thing he ever does, it's obvious that he set out to make hit singles above all els...

Study Break: Hunter Hayes ‘Storyline’ Album Review

Hunter Hayes released his latest album

Ashiah Scharaga

May 8, 2014

Hunter Hayes, 22-year-old Nashville-based country singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, released his second full-length album "Storyline" May 6. The album is sprinkled with tracks like the light and playful "Wild Card" and "Tattoo." Hayes' poppiest songs practically drip with honey, the lyrics are so sticky-sweet. But Hayes is far from kitschy. He means ...

Study Break: Spider-Man 2 Movie Review

Photo Credit to Gage Skidmore via FLICKR

Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx star in the new Spider-Man film,

Michael Quiring

May 3, 2014

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2," directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane Dehaan and Jamie Foxx, opened in theaters Friday.The sequel to "The Amazing Spider-Man" series picks up where the last one left off as Peter Parker, played by Garfield, continues to balance his personal life with the responsibilities that he ...

Study Break: Hello Biplane ‘Line’ Album Review

Hello Biplane, an acoustic duo featuring Braden Young and Spencer Goertz-Giffen, perform at their midwest release show. Photo Credit: Pete Romano.

Michael Quiring

April 25, 2014

Hello Biplane, an acoustic duo made up of artists Spencer Goertz-Giffen and Braden Young, recently released their seventh album titled "Line."The band was formed in Lawrence, Kan., but is now part of the local music scene here in Chico. "Line" is a relatively short listen and plays all the way through ...

Study Break: ‘Transcendence’ review

Photograph by Andy Templeton via

David Kahn

April 21, 2014

"Transcendence," directed by Wally Pfister and starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany and Morgan Freeman, opened in theaters on Friday. When noted artificial intelligence researcher Dr. Will Caster, played by Depp, is shot and killed by an anti-technology group, his consciousness is uploa...

Study Break: “Game of Thrones” season four premiere does not disappoint.

Photograph by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

Zachary Phillips

April 8, 2014

After much anticipation, season four of the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” finally premiered on Sunday.Fans of the show were likely pleased with the premiere, as it stuck to all of the usual themes that make “Game of Thrones” so intriguing: sex, wine and warfare. While I was...

Study Break: Pharrell Williams “GIRL” Album Review


HAPPY MAN Pharrell Williams released soul-infused pop album

Nicole Santos

March 7, 2014

Singer, producer and multi-track instrumentalist Pharrell Williams released his second full-length album “GIRL” March 3.There is not much happening lyrically in the album; Williams barely scratches the surface of anything personal or revealing.However, he delivers several infections dance t...

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