Study Break: Hello Biplane ‘Line’ Album Review


Hello Biplane, an acoustic duo featuring Braden Young and Spencer Goertz-Giffen, perform at their midwest release show. Photo Credit: Pete Romano.

Hello Biplane, an acoustic duo made up of artists Spencer Goertz-Giffen and Braden Young, recently released their seventh album titled “Line.”

The band was formed in Lawrence, Kan., but is now part of the local music scene here in Chico.

“Line” is a relatively short listen and plays all the way through in less than half an hour, making it a good album to listen to without having to dedicate a large amount of time.

The album flows nicely as Goertz-Giffen and Young deliver a mix of acoustic, folk and indie influences.

The song “One Room” really stood out — it featured a soulful display of singing and dealt with the troubles of settling down.

The next track, “Oh No,” transitions into one of the more upbeat songs, incorporating electric guitar, bass and drums, along with Hello Biplane’s acoustic style.

“Line” is an album that features enjoyable sounds of acoustic and folk. It’s a great album to check out during a study break, allowing listeners to hear what Chico has to offer in local music.

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