Study Break: Hunter Hayes ‘Storyline’ Album Review


Hunter Hayes, 22-year-old Nashville-based country singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, released his second full-length album “Storyline” May 6.

The album is sprinkled with tracks like the light and playful “Wild Card” and “Tattoo.” Hayes’ poppiest songs practically drip with honey, the lyrics are so sticky-sweet. But Hayes is far from kitschy. He means every word he croons, as evidenced in raw, sincere tracks like “You Think You Know Somebody,” and inspirational anthems like “Nothing Like Starting Over” and the album’s single “Invisible.”

Though Hayes’ songs stick to familiar themes of relationships and love, listeners will find a variety of tracks in “Storyline,” from the catchy, poppy numbers featured before the album’s interlude to the more introspective, empowering anthems that follow.

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