Actors give election ‘The Fix’

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Corey Bruecker

Take just one step into the Performing Arts Center and it becomes clear that there is an important production fast approaching.

There are students and staff members bent over fabrics in the costume design room, and director Joel Rogers has a sign taped to his office door that reads, “Please do not disturb.” Despite being so busy, everyone wears an infectious smile as visible evidence of the excitement for their upcoming musical performance, “The Fix.”

“The Fix” is a contemporary election-year musical complete with rock music and hip-hop dancing. The performance is set to include upbeat music, choreography and underlying themes.

“It’s hilarious and sarcastic and has basically everything a college student could possibly want,” said Mikey Perdue, a senior musical theater major who plays one of the main roles in the show. “There’s sex, there’s humor, there’s politics and there’s drama.”

Perdue is no newcomer to theater, and he has been in seven Chico State productions.

“The show is centered around the character I play, Cal, and his journey through the political process to become president,” Perdue said. “The show itself is current and relevant because of the election year.”

The cast and crew of the production started working before the semester began to ensure that they could get everything done, and they are still racing against time to get ready.

“I’m doing quite a bit of overtime to get this show up,” said Sandy Barton, costume designer. “I work every night and at least Saturday for most of the day.”

The costume production began when the cast was chosen during the first week of school and has been an ongoing process since then, even with five to seven students on staff, Barton said.

Along with the costume department, there are many other key players who have been dedicating their time to the production of the show since August.

“We started production about five days before the semester started, and we’ve been going hard since then,” said Kilani Stortz, a senior theater major and the show’s stage manager. “We’ve only had about four or five days off.”

“The Fix” is the second Chico State performance for which Stortz has worked as stage manager.

Many members of the cast and crew are excited about both the production and the premiere.

“I think people will enjoy it because they can either come for the political aspect of it or they can enjoy the music and the spectacle of it,” said Katie Morrill, a senior musical theater major.

Morrill plays Cal’s mother, Violet, in the show.

Performances are at 7:30 p.m. today through Saturday and at 2 p.m. Sunday in Harlen Adams Theater in the Performing Arts Center. Advance tickets are $15 for adults, $13 for seniors and $6 for students and children at the University Box Office. Ticket prices are raised $2 at the door.

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