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Lexi Brister

If you’ve ever opened your roommate’s computer expecting Facebook to be the last site visited and instead discovered chat screens depicting vulgar sexual exchanges, you are not alone.

The advancements on the Web have opened up a lot of social opportunities, including an easier way to get your jollies than hunting for porn in hole-in-the-wall sex shops. But with great ease comes great responsibility, and things can quickly get out of hand.

Using the Internet for sexual pleasure is nothing new, but with ever-expanding social networks and open forums for any kind of behavior the imagination can dream up, it’s used now more than ever.

In my more experimental days of high school, I engaged in every type of insidious behavior, from phone sex and cybersex to sneaking out my window, so I could meet my boyfriend in the park.

I ended up not being a fan of any kind of sex that wasn’t physical, but for a lot of people, the anonymity and ease of access offered by the Web is a big attraction.

When most people hear the term “cybersex,” they think of dirty talk over the Internet in a chat with someone, known personally or not. While that is one option, it’s by no means the only one.

There are a ton of websites out there that feature live anonymous sex chats for anywhere from 69 cents to $3.99 per minute. This can be through a chat screen or a webcam.

The only time I’ve ever felt that getting naughty on a webcam was a good idea was when I tried having a long-distance relationship. The difference was that I had real sex with this guy on prior occasions, so taking off my clothes for him in front of the computer didn’t seem so bad.

The lack of personalization in something like sexual interactions via webcam would ruin the thrill for me, but a lot of people like the anonymity. You can be anybody online.

Unfortunately, you do have to be careful with your privacy settings, because if you use a personal email address to access a live cybersex site, you might find your inbox suddenly flooded with spam from other sex sites.

If using the Internet to get your good time on is your thing, I recommend establishing separate email accounts with fake information for each site you visit. It’s like having a virtual under-the-bed-porn-stash with less likelihood your mom will catch you.

With all the online pornography out there, getting off while online has never been easier. I had a friend that had to do his online homework at school, because every time he got on the Internet at home, he ended up browsing his favorite porn sites and losing half his night making himself happy.

The increasing availability of such sites can become a problem for people who can’t seem to help themselves, like my friend.

Psychiatrists say that cybersex addiction is as afflicting as physical sex addiction, if not more so, due to the affordability and easy access. A study conducted at Stanford University this year, suggested there are currently 9 million internet sex addicts in America.

Whether you’r e into chatting dirty, getting down for your webcam or making use of the considerable amount of Internet porn at your disposal, don’t go overboard.

Enjoy what’s out there, but keep your online exploits in check.

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