CSU to deliberate three new fees

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Published 2012-11-09T17:52:00Z”/>


Allison Weeks

The California State University board of trustees will decide Tuesday and Wednesday if three new fees will be implemented.

The expenses include a graduation incentive fee, a third-tier tuition fee and a course repeat fee, said CSU spokesman Erik Fallis. The goal of the fees is to have students graduate in a timely manner, he said.

“We would be very happy if no students had to pay these fees,” Fallis said.

The graduation incentive fee will require students taking more than 160 units to pay an additional fee per unit, he said. The third-tier fee is designed for students who sign up for more than 18 units per semester. The course repeat fee is for students who decide to repeat a course.

The projected rates for the costs come to $372 for the graduation incentive fee, $182 for the third-tier tuition fee and $91 for the course repeat fee, Fallis said. Each of these payments is per unit.

The fees would only affect a small group of students CSU-wide, Fallis said.

The California State Student Association will not take an official position on the fees until its meeting Sunday in Channel Islands, but they have some concerns, said Pedro Ramirez, vice president of legislative affairs of the CSSA.

“I think it’s not fair to generalize all students are staying behind,” Ramirez said.

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