2000 | Butte Station expands from trailer into mini mart

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Looking Back

<strong>THEN: <em>”Butte Station expansion begins” Jan. 26, 2000</em></strong>

Butte Station was just a trailer outside of Tehama Hall with limited snacks and supplies for students.

In order to get a cup of joe, students or teachers near Tehama, Butte and Plumas Halls had to walk across campus during the process of revamping the popular snack station.

“But a new building is on the way to save the day,” said Julie Schubert, in her spring 2000 article.

Butte Station started out as a 250-square-foot shack, which had hungry students often times lining up outside the door. It turned from a shack into a trailer in the fall 1999 semester. Students, teachers, employees and managers were all eager to see the new building completed after construction. The money for the project was raised in part by Associated Students while the land was cleared by the university to help reduce costs.

One of the decisions to be made during construction was whether the new mini mart would keep the name Butte Station or change its name to Plumas Express.

<strong>NOW</strong>: Butte Station kept its original name and is a pivotal spot for students and teachers to refuel between classes. They no longer have to travel long distances or cut their breaks short in order to get a snack.

Butte Station, it appears, has saved the day. The 1,200-square-foot one-stop snack shop is still as busy as ever because of its convenient location and wide variety of products, said Kayla Boardway, a senior geography major working at Butte Station over the last four years. Sandwiches, hot dogs and soups – Butte Station has it all. But the recent construction of UHUB on the other side of Tehama, a site that will also sell snacks, has the 19 Butte Station employees wondering what will happen to their mini mart, Boardway said. Rumors have been spreading that the station could turn into a produce stand for University Farm, she said. Whether the rumors are true or not, Butte Station will likely see changes.

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