Sustainability Day held on campus

Kaitlin Haley, Team Manager at PowerSave Campus at the Campus Sustainability Day event held at Colusa Hall. Photo credit: Jovanna Garcia

Students setup booths Wednesday morning at Colusa Hall in celebration of the campus’s 12th Annual Campus Sustainability Day.

Celebrated across the U.S., this year’s theme is Empowering Change on Campus and in the Community.

“This event is a cool way for students to learn about all of these opportunities that don’t get talked about often,” said Kaitlin Haley, team manager for PowerSave Campus, a green energy awareness program.

Haley said that Chico State has made this a week long event and that hopefully students who want to learn more will get involved.

“Usually the people that show up to these events are the ones that are most involved with sustainability and we aren’t able to get through to that percentage of students that don’t know about the programs on campus,” she said. “Usually people don’t want to be considered ‘green hippies’ even though sustainability is more than that.”

The Gender Sexuality and Equity Center is a new addition to this year’s participants, there to represent the social issues that have to do with sustainability.

Other booths that attended were the Sustainable Consultations of Office Practices, SeeHD, PowerSave Campus, the AS Sustainability and Sustainable Engineering and the Environmental Health for Development.

Jovanna Garcia can be reached at [email protected] or @Jo_garcia19 on Twitter.