‘American Horror Story’ checks back in with ‘Hotel’


Who would have thought a horror anthology show created by the same man who brought us “Glee” would become a cult hit? With the fifth season premiering Oct. 7, it is clear that Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” is here to stay.

The show is unlike anything else on television. Each season plays out like a midnight movie in the way the plot changes, along with the characters and locations.

The only thing that really remains constant on “American Horror Story” is the cast, which makes tuning in each season a comfort. You start to feel for the characters and as soon as the finale ends, you don’t want to let them go.

This is especially true for the queen of “American Horror Story,” Jessica Lange. Her presence onscreen overpowers everyone else. She spits her words out like a villain, but she’s also vulnerable when she needs to be.

As Sister Jude in “Asylum”, she would lock up a sane person just to prove a point. She is the essence of each season, and it is hard to see she won’t be coming back.

Lange’s absence aside, the new season of “American Horror Story” promises to return to its original roots. “Hotel” takes us back to Los Angeles, the setting of the first season, in the mysterious Hotel Cortez.

Like “Murder House,” the story will revolve around its guests, including a homicide detective, a few serial killers and the hotel’s owner, the Countess, played by Lady Gaga.

The show may have lost its queen in Lange, but it has clearly gained another. The casting of superstar Gaga has taken over the Internet. Murphy has made it clear that she will be the star of “Hotel,” but without Lange, who knows if the show can survive.

Like its first season, “Hotel” may have that feeling like it may come to “Hotel California” situations. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

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