Catcalling is not flattering

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Illustration by Katherine Kurz Photo credit: Katherine Kurz

On the weekends, it is normal to see a girl wearing something more risqué when going out. It takes a long time to build the confidence up to wear a specific outfit.

It normally takes two to three hours of sifting through clothes in the closet until we find the right combination of pieces that flatter our bodies in almost every way.

But when a guy shouts how much he wants to take us home while we are walking to our destination, it would get any woman all hot and bothered. Nothing is more attractive than having obscenities yelled at you from across the street, right?

Actually no, it does not get us ready to jump into bed with you and will never be taken as a compliment. It does not boost our confidence, it makes us question if we should go home and change when that should not be the case.

The hour and a half it takes to get ready before going out with our friends does not need to be validated by your vulgar catcalls. That time was for us and not for you.

It doesn’t just stop with the sexual sentences but extends to animalistic noises and ass-grabs.

What we choose to wear is not an invitation to touch our bodies. Buying the tight dress was a nice reminder of the work that was put in at the gym for not only our health but for our confidence levels. Once again, this was not for you.

But the unwarranted attention doesn’t end when we take off the tight dresses and the week starts. Anything can set boys off: low-cut tops, tight jeans, spaghetti straps and even yoga pants.

A constant worry should not plague our minds when our foot hits the pavement as we start our strut to go to our friend’s house or walk through campus.

This campus is where we want to further our minds, not our bodies. Compliment our minds, because in the end, that is what we are going to use when we run the company you are working for.

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