Woman escapes kidnapping


A woman was almost kidnapped on Ivy Street early sunday morning. Photo credit: George Johnston

A woman escaped kidnapping by two male suspects on sunday morning.

The woman was walking down Ivy Street when a white sedan pulled up to her and turn its headlights off. One man jumped out of the car and grabbed her while another man sat in the vehicle.

Investigators say once the woman was in the car, one of the males tried to grab the woman’s neck. The suspect lowered his arm for a second allowing the woman a chance to scream. A man on the street heard the screaming and pulled the woman out of the vehicle.

One suspect was described as a male in his 20’s with a muscular build and over 6’0″ tall. The other suspect could not be described.

Anyone with information related to the incident can contact the Chico Police Department at (530) 897-4900.

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