Strike set for April


Flyer found in Trinity Hall encouraging students and faculty to participate in the strike. Photo credit: Elizabeth Helmer

The California Faculty Association have announced they will strike in April if the California State University chancellor does not meet their demands. The strike dates have been set for April 13-15 and April 18-19. All 23 CSU campuses will participate.

“What happens is faculty shows up with signs and they’ll circle around different building, but they’ll also inhibit entrance to the campus,” said Timothy Sistrunk, president of the CFA Chico chapter. “There’s no classes, no instruction that day.”

Faculty are asking for a 5 percent general salary increase, and are dubbing it the “Fight for Five.” The CFA claims that faculty salaries have remained stagnant for about a decade, while administration salaries continue to rise.

“If you look at their salaries they’re $400,000 a year or more.” Sistrunk added. “They make more than the governor, they make more than Supreme Court justices. Some presidents in our 23 campuses make more than the president of the United States.”

The CFA promises that student fees will not rise if faculty salaries increase, and they encourage students to join in the picket line during the strike this April.

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