Chico’s tobacco regulations don’t make the grade


Chico State students smoking in the smoking area by Whitney Hall Photo credit: Amelia Storm

Chico has failed to pass the criteria set for a healthy, tobacco free community.

On February 3, The American Lung Association released its annual “State of Tobacco Control,” grades. California received an overall grade of “B,” while Chico received a “D.”

“I’m not surprised that Chico received a low grade,” expressed Michaela Shaw, first year liberal studies major. “The designated smoking area at Whitney Hall is always full of students smoking.”

According to a press release from the California chapter of the American Lung Association, implementing tobacco control policies could save California $18 billion in health care costs.

The association is also calling for a $2 tax on all tobacco products in hopes to combat the growing popularity of social smoking, e-cigarettes, and hookah.

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