CFA president answers questions about faculty strike

Photo from the California Faculty Association website

Photo from the California Faculty Association website

The California Faculty Association held a media conference call with CFA President Jennifer Eagan on Feb. 12 to answer questions about the upcoming faculty strike.

Student reporters and editors from California State University newspapers and other media outlets entered the conference call at 10:30 a.m. with a number of questions on why faculty are angry, what a strike means and what will happen when the strike occurs.

Eagan stated in the conference, after years of salary stagnation, she believes it is reasonable for people who have invested in education to be paid as the professionals they’ve worked to become.

“When we say ‘we don’t want to strike, but we will’ we mean it,” Eagan said.

At one point in the conference the focus of questions shifted toward a “misplacement of priorities” by CSU Management.

As students and media continued with questions on the matter, Dr. Eagan explained that the way management spends its money has become less transparent over time with there being more highly paid executives on the scene.

When a Cal State Northridge student reporter questioned how students will make up for lost hours, Eagan assured a five-day strike will not interfere with coursework.

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