Local Harley Davidson shop cycles in new owner


Stephan Adams poses with new bikes in his Harley Davidson store Photo credit: Elizabeth Helmer

For the first time in 36 years, the Chico Harley Davidson store has a new owner.

Stephan Adams became the owner of Sierra Steel Harley Davidson back in December, and he’s already made big changes to how the shop operates.

“We’re adding all of the things Harley Davidson offers as a company,” Adams said. “By that I mean we offer every make and model, we offer test rides, we’ll link up with all the business partners in the community, we’re gonna continue the toy ride that goes on every year. Instead of having three or four events a year we’re gonna have 15 to 20.”

In addition to hosting more events, the shop will be renting out bikes, offering Harley Davidson premier riding classes and increasing its social media presence. The store is even going to have its own app, with hopes of bringing in students and other young customers.

“When you get a person interested younger, it becomes a lifelong passion.” Adams said.

He also explained that motorcycles should appeal to Chico State students, since they have better gas mileage and are easier and cheaper to park. Adams is determined to put Sierra Steel Harley Davidson on the map.

“We want to be active in the community, we want to be the biker stop,” he said. “That’s our goal.”

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