Police continue fight on crime with electric motorbikes


Photo credit: Michael Catelli

Two stealthy motorcycles might just end crime on Chico State’s campus.

In mid January, The University Police Department borrowed an electric motorcycle from San Jose State’s police department to test out its capabilities on campus.

After months of deliberation, University Police decided to further use the bikes both on and off campus.

According to police, the two main benefits of the motorcycles are silent operation and ease of getting through campus.

“It’s impossible to navigate though campus in a vehicle,” said Officer Lance Conlan.  “We can access from any point on campus.”

One of the main issues that officers hope to address is sexual assault and the bike theft problem on campus. They hope to gain further control with the motorbike.

“The blue emergency buttons are in semi-secluded areas and the motorcycles will make it easier to respond when needed,” said first-year Gavin Risbry.

University Police could have a total fleet of four bikes in the near future with help from San Jose State.

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