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Students dissatisfied with health center

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Students dissatisfied with health center

Students in a recent Orion poll voiced their dissatisfaction with the services at the Student Health Center. Photo credit: George Johnston

Students in a recent Orion poll voiced their dissatisfaction with the services at the Student Health Center. Photo credit: George Johnston

Students in a recent Orion poll voiced their dissatisfaction with the services at the Student Health Center. Photo credit: George Johnston

Students in a recent Orion poll voiced their dissatisfaction with the services at the Student Health Center. Photo credit: George Johnston

Michael Catelli

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Students are not pleased with the wait time to be treated at the Student Health Center and sometimes would rather save the inconvenience by not going at all.

In a recent Orion survey, Wildcats were asked basic questions about their experience with the Student Health Center.The survey of 68 student responses consisted of five questions ranging from wait times to rating overall service.

Chico State students reported the Student Health Center is becoming too much of a hassle to even get treated.

When asked “Generally what time do you go to the health center when you go?” Of the responses, 70 percent reported going before 12 p.m.

Along with time of day students were asked, “Did you make an appointment before going into the health center?” Of the responses, 66 percent noted generally not making an appointment before going.

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Photo credit: Michael Catelli


“February is our most impacted month for visits,” said Nursing Supervisor Jill Cannaday. “It’s not a lack of staff.”

When asked, “Have you ever not gone to the health center because you thought it was too much of a hassle to go?” Of the responses, 75 percent said that at times they have not gone. Some students attribute the inconvenience with how long it takes to be treated.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy adults can spread their illness one day before their symptoms start and five to seven days after officially becoming sick.

This alarms some students because if 75 percent of students are willing to avoid the health center, then they are infecting more and more people.

“I don’t get the care that I could be getting at the Immediate Care Center rather than the health center on campus,” said Spencer Jones, sophomore history major .

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When asked, “On average how long did you wait to be taken care of?” Of the responses, 40 percent reported waiting within 30 minutes, while 53 percent reported it taking 30-90 minutes. Of the 23 students that made an appointment 43 percent generally wait 30-90 minutes.

“We honestly don’t have anymore room,” Cannaday said. “We would love to have more practitioners.”

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Photo credit: Michael Catelli

Although students feel it’s an inconvenience to go and that there is a long wait time, over 70 percent reported average to excellent service.

“It’s not terrible, but it’s really slow,” said Jared Fajman, sophomore undeclared major. “I would get there, and there would be a huge line and they would say basically I wouldn’t be able to get in today.”

Cannaday advises all students to get there as early as possible to be treated.

Michael Catelli can be reached at [email protected] or @michaelcatelli on Twitter.


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3 Responses to “Students dissatisfied with health center”

  1. Ari Schwartz on March 16th, 2016 11:12 am

    Can we also talk about that lack of respect for student health concerns from the reception check in? On a number of occasions I have called the health center trying to make an appointment. I’d like to make a note that I will only call if my original plan of OTC drugs, fluids, and rest doesn’t work. I’ll call saying I think I have Strep or an ear infection or what have you. Something you clearly need antibiotics for, and the reception tells me “We don’t make appointments for that.” Really? They then advise me to come in for a walk in, early the next morning. I show up and I am told they won’t see me for that today maybe they could make and appointment…. REALLY? I don’t accept that answer and I make them put me on the list to me seen. Why is the reception trying to push students away? Unless you are a hypochondriac… most people don’t want to go see a doctor unless they no longer know how to treat their symptoms and the end is not near. Maybe if reception got a revamp in staff and quality, wait times and appointments slots would improve. Just give it a shot.

  2. Maggie Madden on February 2nd, 2017 4:16 pm

    I’m also very dissatisfied with the health center at Chico State. I made an appointment on 2/2/17 at 3:30pm. I checked in like they said at 3pm, I went to the lab to give a urine sample and then was told to sit in the lobby. I was then called to get my temperature taken and my blood pressure. Then they told me to go back to the lobby and wait. I did so. An hour passed from 3pm so now it’s 4pm. I go up the acute care clinic desk and politely ask,” hi, I had an oppintment to see Jeannie at 3:30pm”. They asked my name and replied, “we didn’t even know you were here.” That really upset me. They saw me 2 different times and didn’t care to let my doctor know I’m here. The woman’s response was terrible. They don’t keep track of students at all, I didn’t feel important. The last thing that bothered me about my last visit is all the acute clinic care doctors is talk and talk and talk. They’re so loud and they talk about their hair or things that no one needs to hear. Maybe they could be more focused and check me in so that the Doctor knows I’m here.

  3. Maggie Madden on February 2nd, 2017 4:18 pm

    Currently still waiting. 4:20pm

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Students dissatisfied with health center