Students vote on class of 2016 T-shirts


Students could choose from three different designs for the class of 2016 T-shirts sold at Senior Send-Off and commencement. Photo credit: Yoselin Calderon

At Grad Fest this year, seniors were given three choices to vote on for the class of 2016 T-shirt design. Choice B won by a landslide.

The Alumni Association teamed up with the creative media and technology department to come up with a design. Each year a student from the CMT department designs the shirt and it would just go to print, however, last year was the first year students were able to vote on their favorite shirt. CMT’s senior graphic design student, Alycia Jones, designed all three of them.

“I am very happy and honored to have made the designs,” Jones said. “I wanted to create something that represents Chico State in the best possible way. These concepts all illustrate something unique about Chico State and are relatable to the class of 2016.”

Alycia Jones is the student designer of all three T-shirt designs. Photo credit: Yoselin Calderon


Choice A: Trinity Tower with the rose garden

The concept of choice A was to make a cool design that students could wear. It also reminds students of the ringing bell every half hour on the Chico State campus and the beautiful rose garden that blooms every spring.

Choice B: Kendall Hall (Winner)

This concept was inspired by vintage and art deco designs. Kendall Hall is the foundation of Chico State, which is why it was a prominent win. Also, when students Google Chico State, Kendall Hall is always the first thing to pop up, along with the brick sign that says California State University, Chico, where all incoming and graduate students take their famous Chico State picture.

Choice C: Creek with new bridge

This concept is unique to Chico State students. The campus community is familiar with the nine bridges and the rise of the creek’s water during the summer and winter. This design includes Chico State’s motto, “Today decides tomorrow.”

Many students would agree with Jones and feel that the three designs cover the experience they’ve had on campus.

“I really like B and C. Both of these designs represent and give the real feel of Chico,” said Coree Martinez, senior social sciences major.

Overall, these designs were striking and something that students would want to wear. This year students were able to voice their opinion once again and select their class of 2016 shirt with more than 700 people voting.

Kaitlin Tillett, coordinator of alumni engagement, said the university may use the other options as well for different purposes. Photo credit: Yoselin Calderon


“It’s good rep of style for the class of 2016,” said Kaitlin Tillet, coordinator of Alumni Engagement. “We will be including the winning design in the commencement program. As for the other designs, we might try to use them for other things, but nothing is certain.”

Students can get their hands on the winning shirt at Senior Send-Off on April 26 or at commencement.

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