Yo-Yo championships held in Chico


Yo-yo competitors tested their skills downtown at a regional yo-yo competition Photo credit: Roberto Fonseca

The California State Yo-Yo Championships held its annual competition at the Downtown Plaza on April 16.

The California State Yo-Yo Championships have a long history and is one of the largest state contests in the country. Some of the most venerated and respected players come to compete at one of the most prestigious yo-yo competitions.

Competitors from all over the state of California had the chance to show off their skills and win a large cash prize.

Five winners were selected from five different divisions.

“It’s nice seeing hard work pay off,” said Zac Rubino, the winner of the 4A division, “It’s nice to get rewarded over things that are really fun.”

The winners were:

Junior Division 1A : Jack Margettes. (Chico, California)

Division 2A: Ian Bellman. (Fullerton, California)

Division 3A: Ian Smith. (Kelseyville, California)

Division 4A: Zac Rubino (Paradise, California)

Division 5A : Will Hahn (Citrus Heights, California)

The next big yo-yo competition will be the Bay Area Classic which will be held from May 27 to May 28 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

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